At H&R Agri-Power, the customer is always right — even when he’s wrong — says Wayne Hunt, president of the 17-store Case IH dealership group. Hunt discusses how the dealership is go between for the OEM and the customer, and it’s on H&R Agri-Power to ensure that customer has the best experience possible. The dealership trains its employees to make sure the customer always remains the No. 1 priority.


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Wayne Hunt

Leading the Charge

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Years with Organization: 30

Role: “Every company’s got to have a dreamer. I’m probably the biggest dreamer of the company. You can probably tell that just walking around here. I still track everything. As loose as I am on some things, I’m a perfectionist on others. I want it done and done right. Then, I like to see people grow. I like to see young people grow, particularly. Work ethic means a lot to me. If you have a good work ethic and a good attitude, then you’ve got great opportunities in this company. And I’m focused on customer satisfaction.”

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