Cub Cadet's 2020 Challenger Series adds heavy-duty U-joints for increased longevity, while three-way adjustable shocks allow drivers to customize the ride by setting the suspension. Comfortable, durable seat and off-road tires with selectable locking front and rear differentials assure that drivers can tackle rugged terrain and power their off-road adventures.

Premium features including a roof, winch, LED headlights and high-sided doors come standard. A 1,200 pound towing capacity adds a layer of versatility needed to handle any challenge. The upgraded Challenger Series follows a user-centric design that provides a more enjoyable ride than ever. Noise-dampening ducts direct sound out of the cabin, while engine isolation reduces frame vibration to lessen cabin noise. High-sided sealed doors offer protection from dirt, mud and water while eliminating the need for additional hip and shoulder restraints. The Challenger Series comes with a range of accessories, attachments and upgrades, including snow blades, light bars, hard-coated windshields and hood racks.

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