Hanen Automatic Cattle and Livestock Feeders provide programmable timed nutrition levels of various feed types for time-saving convenience and improved nutrition. The Hanen Automatic Programmable Livestock Feeder is either solar-powered or AC-powered. Unlike a creeper feeder, the feeding cycle is totally programmable and animals are summoned by an automatic audio signal.

The Hanen Model LSF-12 Automatic Solar Powered Cattle Feeder basic platform can now operate as a master power unit capable of driving additional feed hoppers as needed to economically expand feeding capacity. Users can connect the Hanen Solar Powered 12 Head Cattle Feeder (Model LSF-Solar) to additional Hanen 12 Head Hopper Units (Model LSF-H) to expand feeding capacity from 12 head to 24 head to 36 head, up to 60 Head. The ranch-friendly mobile feeder option is for the herd’s rotational grazing schedule.

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