SnowEx Power Pusher TE Snow Pushers are available in 8- and 10-foot-wide models with large carrying capacities and are for use with skid-steers, wheel loaders, backhoes and tractors. The Snow Pushers feature steel trip-edges to deliver cleaner scrapes and help operators get down to the pavement.

The steel trip-edges on the Power Pusher TE models use four extension springs and two outer double ribs at the trip springs to handle heavy-duty loads and stresses. The framing and 63-degree angle of attack are specially engineered for maximum scraping performance.

In addition to the steel trip-edges, the Power Pusher TE includes a variety of features for superior durability. Six vertical support ribs maximize bucket impact strength and structural integrity, while 10-gauge steel moldboards offer superior strength. Side support posts help prevent bending from hitting curbs or other accidental impact. The snow pushers are coated with high-quality industrial paint that is both salt- and UV-resistant.

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