Krone’s EasyFlow camless pick-up delivers maximum crop to the bale chamber and reliable bale starts. It has a durable and long-lasting pick-up, thanks to minimal moving parts. A pivoting, spring-loaded design follows any terrain, eliminating crop loss. A 7-foot pick-up width handles wide windrows. The exclusive large auger creates more consistent crop flow from pick-up to feed roller.

A wide feed rotor, which increases crop flow, and hydraulically-engaged drop floor come standard, enabling faster baling, while making quick work of the occasional plug. The VariPack Round Baler features four endless belts with a smooth surface, a design that delivers uniform, high-density bales. Rollers are spaced close together for dependable power transfer to the belts, making for reliable bale starts and consistency as the chamber fills.

The Baler features a quick-close rear door that opens and closes in less than five seconds, reducing time spent waiting for the bale to eject. From the cab, the operator can select variable (3-stage) densities for the inner, middle and outer sections of each bale. This allows for selection of a softer core that can breathe, while maintaining denser middle and outer sections. Options include pressure ranges from 0 to 100%.

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