Newton, Kan., March 29, 2019 — Tribine Harvester LLC, based in Newton Kansas, manufactures a new direct-to-customer grain harvesting solution that addresses the limitations of current OEMs and provides a positive on-farm ROI. In March 2019, Tribine has received a new patent from the United States Patent Office covering an industry first system that will enable farmers to permanently sequester carbon in the soil that is now annually released into the atmosphere.

The new, Tribine exclusive system will be used during grain harvesting and incorporated into the industry “game-changing” Tribine Harvester. The Tribine Harvester’s total operating solution can reduce soil compaction up to 35%, and the new sequestration developments can mitigate any remaining soil compaction immediately after it occurs. This reduced compaction compared to conventional harvesting and hauling systems can virtually eliminate deep tillage ripping and other tilling needs which are the largest cause of carbon release from farmland. Per Robert Matousek, Vice-president of Engineering, the new system in conjunction with good No-Till and perhaps cover crops practices, can sequester up to 1.4 tons per acre of Carbon in the soil. This solution removes up to 5 tons of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere compared to farmland that is subjected to deep tillage every year.

Tribine already provides an industry “game-changing” harvesting solution for efficiency, labor reduction, and compaction mitigation. Tribine can now empower farmers to provide a true environmentally sustainable solution and connect the agriculture industry with today’s social impact and environmental challenges.