The front-mounted Ripper-Stripper Strip-Tillage Tool's cover-crop roller features chevron-patterned blades to propel it through the field, while deflecting and crimping residue away from the row for easier planting. A smooth blade cuts residue ahead of the shank for greater material flow.

The roller features rubber-cushioned mounting for easily following ground contours and smooth traveling over field obstacles. The cover-crop roller option is available for 6 and 8 foot shank rigid machines and 8 and 12 shank folding machines with 30, 36 or 38 inch row widths.

The Ripper-Stripper features 0.75 inch thick, special-alloy, deep-till, auto-reset or shear-bolt protected shanks that till from 9-18 inches deep for shattering hardpan. The shanks are constructed with patent-pending heat-treated shark-fin points and wearbars for easier pulling, extended shank life and reduced soil disturbance.

Seedbed tillage options include a wide variety of shank-mounted opposing coulters with multiple blade styles. Also available are a variety of leveling options including several choices of rolling harrow baskets and press wheels. All feature parallel-link mounting for consistent operating depth and are width, depth and down-pressure adjustable.

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