Get an exclusive glimpse into the marketing playbooks of elite dealers claiming title of Farm Equipment’s Dealership of the Year.

Dear Farm Equipment Dealer,

Marketing and branding may be the two most misused words at dealerships today. Realizing what marketing entails is one thing, but becoming a “market-oriented” dealership is another. With branding, your dealership needs more than a catchy tagline and cool logo — you need to start internally to ensure your brand reflects the values you and your customer care about. And when it comes down to running promotions and making your brand known, your dealership needs communication among every department and the simplicity to repeat your marketing quickly.

What does it take to be market-oriented, develop your company’s brand and create promotions that sell your dealership? We’ve compiled expert advice from three marketing managers whose dealerships have been recognized as the Dealership of the Year. 

Our eGuide, Elite Dealers Shed Light on Mystery of Marketing, brings you the leading marketing strategies of the most successful dealers — proven techniques to help you stay ahead of your competition and grow your company and brand. And we’ve made it absolutely free to you so you can start improving your marketing strategies and increasing your revenue TODAY. 

This exclusive report details the various techniques and marketing programs that you can implement right away to become a “market-oriented” dealership. Discover the time-tested strategies of marketing professionals from three top dealerships, including how to…

  • Create customer value through meaningful information gathering
  • Brand your company to reflect customer and employee values
  • Communicate seamless marketing promotions that resonate through the dealership
  • Grow your dealership through a customer-focused mindset

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Build Marketing Basics First

You’ll hear from Tim Young, general manager of Farm Equipment’s 2009 Dealership of the Year, Young’s Equipment. Young says it’s critical to understand exactly what marketing is in a world that continually changes its definition. Even more important is a dealer’s ability to be “market-oriented” by…

  • Continuously collecting data about customer’s needs and competitors’ capabilities
  • Constantly sharing this information across departments
  • Understanding this data and using it to create true customer value

When a dealer utilizes the information it already collects, Young says, it can better identify and react to trends, stay ahead of competition and continue to grow.

Marketing’s Role in Enterprise Culture

The word branding is often misconstrued to cool logos and a tagline, but Laird Munro, former director of marketing communications for Farm Equipment’s 2008 Dealership of the Year, Rocky Mountain Equipment, says that it isn’t enough to sell to customers who the dealership is and what it believes in.

When developing a marketable tagline, Munro says you can make sure the results show a true reflection of your dealership so that you have a strong brand marketed in a way that makes sense for people personally.

3 Slam-Dunk Action Items

For some dealers, promotions run on a department level rather than throughout the company, which creates a lack of communication and future frustration. But for Quint Campbell, marketing manager at Farm Equipment’s 2007 Dealership of the Year, Birkey’s Farm Stores, one fix is to develop an internal document for every employee that details various department programs.

Once proper communication was established, Campbell worked on creating promotions that focused on his dealership’s customers. The most important step that Campbell stresses is simplicity in marketing because this makes promotions faster to send out and repeating these messages reinforce your goal.

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Yours for a better dealership business,

Dave Kanicki

Dave Kanicki, Executive Editor

Dave is the Executive Editor of Farm Equipment, and the Editor/Publisher of Ag Equipment Intelligence and related properties. 


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