The Loftness Bad Ax Disc Mulcher is ideal for land clearing and other vegetation control applications. The most recently updated Bad Ax weighs over 400 pounds less than the original model and is positioned approximately 5 inches closer to the power unit for improved balance, stability and flotation of the skid steer. Despite the lighter weight, engineering improvements have increased the durability of the unit through updates to the steel housing and a larger diameter main shaft.

Performance has also improved on the Bad Ax disc Mulcher, thanks to a radial piston high-pressure motor, which provides full torque capability at start-up for fast recovery time. A redesigned intake has increased performance by offering better material flow through the unit. Similar to the original model, the updated Bad Ax is equipped with a fully machined 60 inch diameter disc designed to cut trees up to 14 inches in diameter. Because the disc contains no welds, there are no areas subject to stress cracking.

The housing features a recutter bar along with counter teeth to hold material in place while it is being mulched.

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