USDA is reporting that as of Oct. 8, 82% of corn acres were “mature” and 89% of soybeans were “dropping leaves.” At this point, corn’s progress is lagging last year at this time (92%) and the 5-year average (87%) for this date. Soybeans, on the other hand, are pretty much where they should be vs. 90% a year ago and the 5-year average of 87%.

But the overall condition of both crops isn’t matching up to past ratings for the Oct. 8 date. Corn harvest is falling behind. So far 22% of corn acres have been harvested. This compares with 33% a year ago and the 5-year average of 37%.

Overall, the condition of the corn crop is rated as 64% “good” (49%) and “excellent” (15%). That’s almost identical to the previous week, but well behind the 5-year average of 73% “good” (53%) and “excellent” (20%).

While 36% of soybean acres have been harvested as of last Sunday, this is behind 41% at this point last year, and the 5-year average of 43%.

The condition of this year’s soybean crop is rated as 61% “good” (49%) or “excellent” (12%). This is well behind last year when 74% of soybean acres were rated as “good” (54%) and “excellent” (20%).