The Carlstar Group All Trail 27 inch tire sizes extends the line to meet evolving UTV/ATV application needs. Designed for hard surfaces like concrete, pavement and hard-packed soil, the All Trail series is great for utility purposes.

The 4-ply construction provides the puncture strength needed when riding over a variety of surface conditions. On hard surfaces, the All Trail tread pattern delivers quieter rides while the low, wide profile provides a better connection to the trail and improved stability for a smoother journey. Compared to traditional knobby tires, the All Trail tire outperforms in both dependability and responsive control. With a durable tread compound for predictable handling on pavement, concrete and hard-packed soil, this multi-purpose tire is also gentle enough to run on grass while still providing enough traction needed for off-road chores.

The new sizes include 27 x 9-14 and 27 x 11-14.

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