Summers Manufacturing now offers two models of its Spray Fill Xpress to accommodate a variety of nurse trailer setups and to meet the needs of different farming operations. Both models feature the same chemical batching process that allows farmers to greatly reduce the amount of time it takes to refill a sprayer.

The original SFX2430 can be fitted with three, four, five or six stainless steel tanks, adding up to a total chemical holding capacity of 240 gallons. The new SFX1630 is smaller, allowing it to fit crossways on a trailer at just 78 inches long. The SFX1630 can be customized with two, three or four tanks for a 160-gallon total capacity.

To save time, chemicals are portioned into the individual tanks, where they will remain separate until drawn into the sprayer to avoid any undesirable reactions from premixing. Precise flow meters and scales are available to help provide exact measurements when adding chemicals.

When the sprayer returns to the nurse trailer for refilling, the pre-portioned chemicals are drawn into the sprayer through 3-inch plumbing. As a result of the chemical batching process, refill times can be reduced from about 30 minutes to less than seven. By spending less time refilling, sprayer operators can cover more acres per day and increase productivity by as much as 82 percent. This benefit helps address short spray windows and can also provide an alternative solution for producers thinking about adding a second sprayer to their operation.

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