As of May 31, 94% of total U.S. corn acreage is planted and 73% of soybeans are in the ground, according to USDA.

The 94% of corn acreage equals what was planted one year ago, is up from 86% a week earlier and compares to the 5-year average of 92%.

The ag agency also reports that 78% of corn planted so far has emerged. This compares with 60% a week earlier and 81% a year ago. The 5-year average for this date is 75%.

Nearly 80% of corn acres are reported to be in “good” or “excellent” condition (60% good, 12% excellent), while 26% is in “fair” condition, 3% “poor” and 1% “very poor.”

The 73% of soybean acres planted so far is up from 56% the previous week, 68% one year ago, and the 5-year average of 66%.

USDA is reporting that 45% of soybean acres have emerged. This compares with 22% a week earlier, 44% a year ago and the 5-year average of 40%.

Side Note on Streamlined Acreage Reporting Process

USDA also announced on May 31, 2016, that farmers and ranchers filing crop acreage reports with the Farm Service Agency (FSA) and participating insurance providers approved by the Risk Management Agency (RMA) now can provide the common information from their acreage reports at one office and the information will be electronically shared with the other location.

This new process is part of the USDA Acreage Crop Reporting Streamlining Initiative (ACRSI). This interagency collaboration also includes participating private crop insurance agents and insurance companies, all working to streamline the information collected from farmers and ranchers who participate in USDA programs.