With 85% of corn acreage and 92% of soybeans in the bin, U.S. farmers are getting ready to put the finishing touches on another growing season.

According to USDA, the 85% of corn harvested as of Nov. 1, compares to 62% a year ago and the 5-year average of 79%. Of the major corn producing states, only Nebraska (75% currently) is behind its 5-year average (77%), along with Texas (84% vs. 94%) and Colorado (45% vs. 73%).

While no other states are lagging their 5-year averages, several still have a ways to go before they’re finished for the season. These include: Michigan at 61%, Pennsylvania at 70% and Wisconsin at 61%.

USDA also reports that soybeans, at 92% harvested, are 4% ahead of the 5-year average of 88%. This compares with 87% on Nov. 1, 2014.

Minnesota farmers have completed their soybean harvest for 2015 and many others aren’t far behind, with Illinois, Indiana and Iowa all at 96% completed.