U.S. Army Spc. Brad Wilson received the keys to his custom-built home in Hendersonville, Tenn., on June 18. Pulte Homes, Mahindra USA and Mahindra’s implement manufacturing partner KMW LTD, in partnership with Operation FINALLY HOME, supported the construction of the home. Mahindra USA has served as the lead sponsor.

U.S. Army Spc. Brad Wilson, his wife Lisa and their three children celebrate at the dedication ceremony of their new custom-built home in Hendersonville on June 18. Pulte Homes, Mahindra USA and Mahindra’s implement manufacturing partner KMW LTD, in partnership with Operation FINALLY HOME, are providing the home mortgage-free to the Wilson family. Mahindra USA has served as the lead sponsor.

Operation FINALLY HOME is a 501(c)(3) organization that honors wounded, ill and injured veterans and widows of fallen soldiers with new custom-built, mortgage-free homes.

“We are honored to partner with the Operation Finally Home team in this shared mission to support our military. It is an incredible experience to see the Wilson family walk through the front door of their new home and into the next chapter of their life," said Cleo Franklin, Mahindra USA’s vice president of Marketing and Strategic Planning. “We thank U.S. Army Spc. Wilson for his service to our country and his family for their sacrifices to allow him to serve and wish them well.”

Wilson, a highly decorated combat veteran, suffered an ambush by a rocket-propelled grenade in 2010 while in Afghanistan, causing him to experience several injuries, including severe migraines, insomnia, memory loss, lack of balance and vision problems, all associated with post-traumatic stress disorder. Wilson and his wife, Lisa, have three children: Elizabeth, 5; Sadie, 3; and Brad Jr., 1.

In addition to the support received from Mahindra USA, Pulte Homes also played a pivotal role in the Wilson project.

“As an organization, it is very important for us to acknowledge the brave individuals who have so selflessly protected our freedoms,” said Chad Ramsey, vice president of sales for Pulte Homes. “This project has been a very humbling experience for everyone involved.”

“We are very thankful to Mahindra USA, KMW LTD and Pulte Homes for their continued commitment to our mission of honoring and empowering veterans,” said Rusty Carroll, executive director of Operation FINALLY HOME. “It takes a combined effort from all parties to complete these builds, and we are all very excited to offer the Wilson’s a fresh start.”

About Operation FINALLY HOME

Operation FINALLY HOME was established in 2005 as a nonpartisan/nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization. The mission of Operation FINALLY HOME is to provide custom-built, mortgage-free homes to America’s military heroes and the widows of the fallen who have sacrificed so much to defend our freedom and values. Operation FINALLY HOME partners with corporate sponsors, builder associations, builders, developers, individual contributors, and volunteers to help America’s military heroes and their families transition to the home front by addressing one of their most pressing needs — a home to call their own. To find out more, visit OperationFinallyHome.org.