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Winning Equipment Demo Programs

There’s no time like the present to maximize your selling potential with the premier techniques for on-farm demos.

This “Winning Equipment Demo Programs” report shares how you can take your sales efforts to the next level by effectively executing a hands-on demonstration with potential customers, and it’s FREE!

Dear Sales Manager,

When it comes to running any business, be it a store, a consulting firm or a professional sports team, the culmination of a lot of little mistakes can quickly add up to big deficits. This is particularly true in the farm equipment industry, as dealerships all over the country are bolstering their efficiency and cost-cutting efforts following a down year for sales in 2014.

With high-priced equipment on the line, preparation and genuine service are a must for dealerships, as customers won’t accept mediocrity during any step of the buying process. They need to be assured of not just how knowledgeable your employees are of your products, but how willing they are to go the “extra mile” to make a purchase worthwhile. If not, then chances are they’ll walk right on out to the next shop, and take that “extra mile” walk to your competition.

When it comes to higher-scale equipment sales, the demo is becoming an increasingly common practice, not only to prove a machine’s worth to a customer, but also to showcase the dealership’s effort to make a customer comfortable and satisfied with a decision. This extra effort can go a long way toward closing a sale, which 69% of surveyed farm equipment dealers have accomplished following an on-farm demo.

The brightest minds in the ag-equipment business have come together to share their personal experiences with demos in this 8-page E-book download, a FREE guide on the background of demos, particular advice for a successful session, lessons learned, scheduling tips and much more with just the click of a mouse.

Download the Winning Equipment Demo Programs now and start closing out sales like never before.

Detailed insights from successful dealers, compiled by the most trusted name in farm equipment. 

Included in this special report is a series of personal accounts on how to effectively run on-field demos from reputable, award-winning dealership owners from all over North America, including Dealership of the Year selectees. Complementing the content are firsthand survey results entailing the success rate of dealerships conducting on-field demos on a consistent basis. Hear from the best and learn from the best to become the best. It’s as simple as that.

Discover the paths to winning, and keeping, customers who’ll benefit from YOUR product know-how.

Read this special survey report-FREE! Winning Equipment Demo Programs

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Winning Equipment Demo Programs is an extensive, informational cheat-sheet behind the fundamentals of on-field equipment demos and what to expect out of both your employees and customers throughout the process. The content is diverse but relatable, concise but specific, and focused but not redundant. The report is engineered to help:

  • Educate you on the basics of successful demos and when it is appropriate to follow through with one.
  • Enlighten you on the specific do’s and don’ts during demos with firsthand accounts from successful managers.
  • Enable you to close every sale afterward with a walkthrough on post-demo follow-ups.
  • Empower you to achieve the same promising results as other dealers who have experienced unprecedented success rates while conducting demos. 

Having to deal with the daily concerns of running your own operation is daunting enough, so leave it to us to provide you with the premier strategies for getting ahead in your area of responsibility. Collecting reliable research and content to project the next beneficial business trend is at the core of what we do, and sharing the successes of other dealers goes hand-in-hand with Farm Equipment being THE flagship publication in the industry.

We understand the reluctance of investing to operate a demo that can’t guarantee a sale, but no company climbs to the top without taking the occasional calculated risk for a big-time reward. Utilizing the content in the report will minimize any chance of a poor on-field demo, with the aim of not only yielding a big-scale equipment purchase, but a stronger, more confident bond with a customer that will be shared by word-of-mouth at the coffee shop.

Consider this:

  • The report itself was inspired by the realization of how “poor” many ag equipment demos actually are. One subscriber polled stated “Others do such a poor job that I’m reluctant to help fix their problems.”
  • Those who are highly disciplined in conducting demos for high-qualifying candidates have enjoyed closing rates of over 90%.
  • Dealers who had originally experienced a 50% drop in sales in particular segments are now seeing trends of growth in the same regions after establishing on-field demo programs.

Failing to observe the tips and suggestions provided in the report could land one’s dealership in the “others do such a poor job” category, or the list of dealerships that never recovered from a 50% drop in sales because they didn’t adapt. While some lost sales are uncontrollable, a demo-related one certainly isn’t.

The report touches up on a wide array of subtopics regarding on-field demos, starting with the basics and walking a manager through every step (including before and after the session itself) for optimal results and margins. Specific sections include:

  • A quick overview of demos and how/why they work
  • Advice for Successful Demos from Farm Equipment’s Dealership of the Year.
  • The importance of narrowing down demos to the most qualified candidates
  • Lessons learned in demos, pertaining to session-length, who should assist, and how much control the customer should have during the demo
  • Scheduling tips and the optimal waiting time to set up a future demo appointment
  • Perfecting follow-ups to maximize your chances of closing the sale afterward
  • Concrete results and success stories to back it all up

Read this free report right now to learn how to make this important topic a #1 directive for your sales team this year.

The report isn’t just an accumulation of research and survey results plastered into an 8-page document. Our research is the key to driving an analytical narrative that identifies common issues with on-field demos and how to solve them. Some of the overreaching takeaways are as follows:

  • Studying the competitor’s products is just as important as knowing your own for a demo, as customers do their homework on every option and will want to know why yours is a better solution.
  • Predetermining the length of the demo can help eliminate the possibility of customers scheduling a session just to complete a one-time job.
  • Enlisting a service tech during demos can help complement the efforts of a salesperson and field the higher-level questions often asked by top-level farmers looking into a product.

Here’s a few more examples of what the report will provide you as you prepare for an important demo:

  • Just because one farmer is qualified for a demo doesn’t mean their next-door neighbor is. Offering sessions based on relative location to cut down on travel costs is often a waste of time.
  • A perfect, error-free demo without any mechanical mishaps doesn’t make for a perfect demo. The opportunity to make an adjustment after a setback can help prove not only the versatility of a machine, but also the ability of your dealership to service it.
  • Follow-up immediately after a demo so any concerns fresh in the customer’s mind can be quickly resolved and not dwelled on. And then go for the close!

And those are just a few highlights from the whole reel. While your competitors deal with dilemmas and downturns, you could be dominating the market.

The bottom line is why compromise dollar signs? Read this special report-FREE! Winning Equipment Demo Programs.

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By now I’m sure you recognize the kind of value this report can have on your sales. In a competitive industry where differentiating from the pack is more difficult than ever, ignoring any potential advantage will prove to be a considerable mistake. And since you’ve taken the time to read this summary, you’re clearly the kind of manager who emphasizes the importance of protecting and advancing the position you’ve work to establish.

This means you’re exactly who we’re trying to reach with Winning Equipment Demo Programs, and the type of leader who earns the respect of your team by staying ahead of the industry curve at all times.

Do you want to find a way to edge out the competition and increase your closing rates?

Are you looking for a way to establish a lasting bond with customers who can spread the valiant efforts of your business throughout the community?

Do you realize the current or potential mistakes you’re making during on-field demos that could be costing you business, and how to solve them?

Download this report, free of charge, and embark on your journey toward demo dominance.

Yours for a better farm equipment industry,

Dave Kanicki

Dave Kanicki, executive editor.

Dave is the Executive Editor of Farm Equipment, and the Editor/Publisher of Ag Equipment Intelligence and related properties.

PS: Many failed on-field demos are caused by mistakes made before anyone even steps out onto the field. Find out why by downloading Winning Equipment Demo Programs right now.

PSS: Not all demo demands are created equal. Other practices besides demos can be more effective and cost-efficient to your business. Learn more about other options within the report. 

Pave your way to demo domination.

Read this survey report-FREE! Winning Equipment Demo Programs

YES. I want this FREE Special Report!

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