More than 4,800 votes were cast in the second annual World Ag Expo Top-10 Attendees' Choice Award Contest. With 1,584 Ag Flagvotes and an average ranking of 4 stars per vote, Ag Flag is the winner.

Distributed by Flag-R-Mon Products of Atwater, Calif., Ag Flag is a new water-activated flag that saves money, water and effort by eliminating the guesswork in determining when flood irrigation water has advanced to a pre-determined point in a block, check, ditch furrow, row or open field.

Mounted at the end of a 5-foot-long fiberglass pole, which is bent over in a U shape, the Ag Flag springs up when irrigation water dissolves a strip of paper that secures the flag end of the pole to a stake in the ground. Once released and standing upright, the bright orange flag can be seen up to a mile away in daylight.

"Exhibiting the Ag Flag at World Ag Expo 2011 gave us more exposure than we could have imagined. We met 3-4 times more customers than we could have at any other event and sold more products at the expo than we expected," says Mike Hansen, Ag Flag owner. "We also came in contact with several U.S. and International companies expressing interest in becoming dealers and distributors. Since the expo we have had daily inquiries and orders from domestic and international customers."

World Ag Expo show management created the award to allow attendees to determine which of the Top-10 New Product selections was the most innovative. A 5-star rating system was used to select the product that most deserved the award.  Prior to expo, attendees voted online for the Attendees' Choice award. During expo, votes were collected in the New Product Pavilion.

"Our Top-10 committee of farmers, ranchers and new product specialists selected 10 great products to receive Top-10 New Product awards," says Lee Coito, 2011 World Ag Expo Chairman. "We then left it to our attendees to determine which product they liked the best. Congratulations to Ag Flag."

Planning for World Ag Expo 2012 is already in the works. The 45th annual expo, scheduled for Feb. 14-16, and themed Growing World Agriculture, will once again introduce the most innovative and interesting ag products to the global community in an effort to provide solutions for farmers and ranchers looking for new technologies.