John Deere's CP770 Cotton Picker and CS770 Stripper can help farmers harvest every pound of seed cotton possible while preserving cotton quality from the field to the gin floor. The CP770 is ideal for large to extra-large farmers and custom cotton harvesters who need to harvest the maximum number of acres per hour possible. When compared to its CP690 predecessor the CP770 can reduce harvesting costs by up to $1.50 per bale through reduced wrap, fuel, labor and hauling costs. 

The CP770 carries on the field-proven tradition of its predecessors while featuring a round module builder capable of making modules 2% larger and 5% more dense. Once the cotton is collected, the CP770 wraps and ejects the module in just over 30 seconds. Part of the CP770's increase in harvesting productivity can be attributed to the John Deere PRO16 HS Row Unit fitted with high-speed stalk lifters and ultra-fast cotton-grabbing spindles.

The CS770 Cotton Stripper provides a 2-point increase in turnout with its new field cleaner and packs up to 5% more cotton into a module while harvesting up to 10 more acres per hour than previous models.

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