Westcap Mgt. has announced its recent investment in Rocky Mountain Equipment. The transaction was completed in syndication between Westcap MBO II Investment LP and Golden Opportunities Fund Inc. Both funds are managed by Westcap.

"Agriculture continues to be an important sector for our funds under management as the industry remains critical to the global economy, Canadian farmers are tapping new markets for their products and there is an increased positive farm sentiment from rebounding crop prices and a strong 2020 harvest," says Grant J. Kook,  president and CEO of Westcap. "With our Prairie roots and improved fundamentals in the Ag sector we are excited about our partnership with this long-standing and proven management team."

This is not Westcap Mgt.'s first investment in the ag equipment space. The fund has previously made invests in Degelman Industries and SuperiorFarms Solutions, whose Rite Way Mfg. company designs and manufactures farm equipment at facilities in Regina and Imperial, Sask.

Westcap has also invested in G-Mac’s AgTeam, one of the largest independently owned crop input retailers in North America, and has been a long time investor in CanPro Ingredients, an alfalfa dehy production facility with international customers.

The investment follows Rocky Mountain Equipment's recent go-private transaction.