Felling Trailers' FT-40-2 Triple Reel Trailer features a one-piece reel rack assembly consisting of three 86 inch diameter x 52 inch wide 7,000 pound reel bars equipped with hydraulic tensioning brakes. Reels equipped with hydraulic tensioning brakes allow the conductor to be paid out in a controlled manner and eliminates over spin of the reels if the pull is stopped abruptly. Felling Trailers' hydraulic tensioning brakes are equipped with hydraulic accumulators that assure smooth operation of the tensioning brakes by absorbing pressure changes that develop due to rotor intolerance and heat buildup. A single, double-acting hand pump can provide hydraulic pressure to all the calipers at the same time. Each brake circuit can be isolated and controlled individually if the need arises.

The trailer is equipped with two booms: an adjustable overhead boom, with 126 inch raised height from deck floor and a retractable rear boom that extends 36 inches beyond the rear of the trailer when deployed. The overhead boom has two positions: a lower position to keep the overall height legal during transport and the raised position. The underground conductor is routed through stringing blocks hanging from the boom, assuring the cable can be paid out without coming into contact with anything that may damage the insulation.

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