With the most fuel-efficient PTO horsepower in its class, excellent cab comfort and superior cab visibility, Claas’ AXION series is ideal for the livestock and livestock input producer and also has applications in other markets.

The AXION 900 and 800 series tractors are enhanced by industry-leading fuel efficiency per PTO horsepower. While providing the same PTO horsepower as competitors, the AXION tractor can provide up to 20 more useable PTO horsepower while using up to one gallon per hour less fuel.

With a standard four-point suspended cab, PROACTIV front axle, shock-absorbing front and rear three-point hitches, a semi-active seat and a list of other cab conveniences, the AXION delivers premium comfort for long days and nights in all conditions. It features superior visibility, enhanced by rear curved glass and forward B-pillar posts.

The AXION 800 series features a powerful 6.7L Tier 4F engine with deep torque reserves to power through tough spots in the field and steep grades. Horsepower ranges from 200 to 280. The AXION 900 features an 8.7L Tier 4F engine with horsepower ratings of 320 to 440, depending on the model.

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