Greenworks Commercial's GMS 250 25 Inch Self-Propelling Lawn Mower features a brushless engine that is powered on with just the push of a button. Equipped with Smart Cut technology, the GMS 250 Mower adjusts speed as necessary to improve performance and extend run time. The dual port battery sequential power supply automatically switches from one battery to another, delivering greater operating time without interruption.

The GMS 250 outperforms gas-powered self-propelled motors as it achieves the same precision and power, but without harmful emissions or noise pollution. The (82 volt lithium-ion) battery-operated nature of the tool cuts noise levels in half. With recyclable batteries, zero emissions and zero exhaust, the GMS 250 offers a powerful, green solution to lawncare needs.

Some of the increased efficiency and power focused features of the tool include a seven-position single lever height adjustment for a diverse range of cutting heights, durable 25 inch steel deck with 2-in-1 design for mulch and rear bag capability, dual blades for increased cutting performance and rear wheel driving system for easy operation.

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