With 10% of U.S. corn acres reported to be “mature,” USDA noted no change in the overall condition of the corn crop from the previous week. At the same time, the ag agency is reporting the condition of soybeans improved slightly.

According to the Aug. 26 Crop Progress report, 68% of corn is in “good” (47%) and “excellent” (21%) condition, nearly identical to the previous week. This is up from 62% last year at this time when 48% of corn acres were rated as “good” and 14% as “excellent.”

The reported 10% of corn that is rated as “mature,” compares with 5% a year ago and the 5 year average of 5%. Some 92% of corn is said to be in the “dough” stage vs. 85% the week before and a year before. The 5 year average is 84% for this date.

The volume of corn which is reported to be “dented” is 61%. This compares with 44% a week earlier and 42% a year ago. The 5 year average is 42% for this time period.

The condition of the soybean crop improved by 1% vs. the previous week with 49% rated as “good” and 17% rated as “excellent” vs. 49% “good” and 17% “excellent” last week. Last year at this time, 61% of soybean acres was rated as “good” (50%) and “excellent” (11%).

USDA reported that as of this past Sunday 95% of soybeans were setting pods. This compares with 91% a week earlier, 92% a year ago and the 5 year average of 90%. USDA said 7% of soybean acres was dropping leaves vs. 5% a year ago and the 5 year average of 4%.