ST. LOUIS, Mo.—The supplier section of the Farm Equipment Manufacturers Assn. recently elected new members to the Supplier Board of Governors at the 2018 Supply Summit & Showcase in Omaha. Following that election, the new board elected officers.

Jon Sherrod, who is an area manager for Bondioli & Pavesi, was elected to serve as chairman of the Supplier Board of Governors. The board leads the 310-member supplier section, which includes companies that provide raw goods, component parts, and services to farm equipment manufacturers.

Also elected to officer roles on the board were Joe Sampson from Osmundson, who will serve as vice chair; Scott Moss of Comer Industries, who will serve as secretary; and Marc Adams of GBGI, who will serve as treasurer.

More than 60 executives from supplier companies attended the annual section meeting on April 19. They re-elected Steve Nichol from Technical Publication Associates to a second term. They also elected Steve Ford Sr. from Lapham-Hickey Steel and Justin Wahl from ABT Bearing to their first terms on the board. Continuing their service to the board are John Brown of Myers Spring and Mark Czopek of Sharon Tube, who were elected in 2017.

Among the board’s priorities is to create opportunities for supplier members to form partnerships with manufacturers.

“Working in ag is very rewarding,” Sherrod says. “It is a constantly changing industry as farmers are tasked with feeding an ever-growing population while constantly reducing their amount of land. This forces manufacturers to focus on efficiency. The Farm Equipment Manufacturers Assn. gives manufacturers and suppliers the opportunity to come together and work toward this common goal.”

Sherrod succeeds Jamie Silver from Muir Omni Graphics as chairman.