The 10,000 Magnum Opener from Yetter Farm Equipment allows growers to apply fertilizer early in the spring, side-dress earlier after planting and fertilize in the fall. It operates effectively at speeds of 6-10 miles per hour with lower horsepower requirements and fuel consumption. The lower draft requirement gives it an advantage over many conventional fertilizer application tools.

The Magnum’s single-disc design places fertilizer while preserving ground cover and reducing the opportunity for erosion and weed germination. The walking tandem wheel option firms the soil as it rolls through the field, further minimizing closing disturbance. The 10,000 Magnum also allows growers to side-dress earlier without moving soil onto the corn plant. The spring-loaded knife is designed with a carbide insert on the leading edge, and the beaver tail allows for quick and easy replacement.

The Magnum is available with tube kits for applying anhydrous, liquid or dry fertilizer and can be set up for dual placement.

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