The ReStore Kit is a combination of several cleaning and surface preparation products which are ideally suited for farm and fleet cleaning and maintenance, surface preparation and passivation applications. The multi product kit comes in one box that contains one gallon of AquaBlue general purpose multi-metal surface cleaner, one gallon of TreadBrite Foam acidic cleaner for multi-metals including stainless steel, one gallon of CR-120N Nitric Acid cleaner for passivation of stainless steel, a 2 pound container of Jel Terge powdered viscosity enhancer/gel builder and detailed instructions.

This comprehensive kit allows users to clean, etch, remove surface oxides and prepare a wide variety of metal surfaces. When used with the Compound CR-120N this can help to start to passivate some 300 series stainless steels where desired.

Ideal uses include cleaning and restoring of tanker trucks, dump trucks and trailer bodies and other tractors and trailers. It is ideal for field repair work, especially during or after equipment installation and commissioning and makes an excellent add-on kit for OEM equipment because it can speed “sign off” on installs.

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