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On The Record

A Softening in the Ag Market?

In today's newscast, we look at 2014 forecasts that point to a softening in the ag equipment market, what a shift from corn to soybeans could mean for equipment sales, the new financial report from ag equipment manufacturer Buhler Industries and the increase in demand for lawn and garden equipment.

This newscast was brought to you by Ingersoll Tillage.

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Thanks for the great information
Posted from: Barry Clifford, 2/5/14 at 11:49 AM CST
Congratulations on your inaugural episodes of On the Record! What a great summary of important forecasts for the industry, excellent insight and top reporting. As manager of marketing at Alliance Tire, your webcasts will be a must-watch for me.
Posted from: Clint Schnoor, 1/23/14 at 7:22 PM CST
Dave, This was very good. We actually used it in a company strategy meeting. Provided some great insight into 2014. Keep it up and we will tune in. - Clint Schnoor, President, Agri-Service
On the Record
Posted from: ron, 1/12/14 at 6:41 AM CST
Good overview of facts we all need to be aware of.
Posted from: Vernon, 1/11/14 at 1:01 PM CST
Great to see Lessiter Publications adding new products to its coverage of the farm equipment industry. Always appreciate the fact that "shortline" manufactures are included in their coverage.
Sales Manager
Posted from: Ricardo Obregon, 1/11/14 at 7:56 AM CST
Very good information. Very clear.

I live in Mexico and work as a CNH sales representative in northwest Mexico. For better or worse, what happens in the United States directly impacts what happens in the Mexican market for farm equipment .... Kind regards to the team at On The Record.
On the Record
Posted from: Mark Oehmke, 1/10/14 at 5:15 PM CST
Good, quick overview in less then 7 minutes.

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