What is the Virtual Dealership Minds Summit?See more

Building off the success of 5 successful past in-person Dealership Minds Summits, the Virtual Dealership Minds Summit is a 3-day online gathering of retail farm equipment dealers of tractors and implements that is focused 100% on delivering actionable strategies to educate, connect and empower dealership management to face the most pressing challenges to their business. Hosted in an interactive online “community” platform, the Virtual Dealership Minds Summit provides insightful online learning and networking with the best of the farm equipment dealer community.

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What are the dates of the Virtual Dealership Minds Summit?See more

The Virtual 2020 Dealership Minds Summit has been expanded to cover 3 days — Monday, August 3 through Wednesday, August 5 — to allow you ample time to consume all of the remarketing resources that will be made available exclusively to attendees of virtual 2020 Dealership Minds Summit.

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What is all included with my Virtual Dealership Minds Summit registration?See more

Your Virtual Summit registration includes exclusive access to all the informational remarketing general sessions and dealer-to-dealer panels, roundtable discussions and networking opportunities that had been planned for this year’s in-person event. To further improve your event experience, you will also receive access to these additional resources that are now included with the virtual event registration at no additional cost to you:


  • Extended Access to 2020 Dealership Minds Summit sessions and materials
  • Exclusive Access to 3 Remarketing Check-In Calls led by industry experts
  • 12-Month Access to a dedicate dealer-only Facebook group for additional networking
  • 12-Month Access to Ag Equipment Intelligence's VIP Membership
  • Access to Dr. Jim Weber's Sales Management Workshop session videos
  • Access to 22 Dealer Success Academy session videos
  • Access to all 2017 Dealership Minds Summit Remarketing session videos


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How will I access the presentation content that will be featured during the 2020 Virtual Dealership Minds Summit, as well as any attendee bonuses included in with my registration?See more

As an online event, you will be able to access the event sessions and content conveniently on your computer, smartphone, tablet or smart TV, and from anywhere as long as you have an internet connection. In the coming days, we will be sending you an email with instructions on how you will participate in the Virtual Summit during the days that the event is held. We will also send you instructions on how you may begin enjoying many of the attendance bonus and benefits immediately.

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If I am already registered for the in-person 2020 Dealership Minds Summit, do I need to do anything further to register for the 2020 Virtual Dealership Minds Summit?See more

If you have previously registered for the 2020 Dealership Minds Summit, you do not need to take any further action to register for the Virtual Dealership Minds Summit. Your registration will be transitioned to the virtual event and is backed by our 100% money-back guarantee. We will be in touch soon with instructions for how you will access the content and attendee benefits that are part of your Virtual Summit registration.

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If I was registered for the in-person 2020 Dealership Minds Summit, what options are available for me to attend the Virtual Summit, receive a registration refund or transfer my registration fee to the 2021 Summit?See more

If you registered for the in-person 2020 Dealership Minds Summit, at this time there is nothing additional you need to do to register for the virtual Dealership Minds Summit. The registration rate for the virtual event is $399 and we will be reimbursing the difference directly to the credit card that was used for your registration. If you need to make changes to your registration, you can:


  • Registration Transfer — You can transfer your full registration cost to the 2021 Dealership Minds Summit and lock in the low rate you've already paid.
  • 100% Money-Back Guarantee — If you attend and determine the event wasn't everything we've promised, or if you are no longer able to attend, we'll send you a full 100% refund. And you can take up to 6 months to decide and measure the return on your investment from this unique learning experience.


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Our dealership has multiple attendees registered, can we participate as a group?See more

Yes and no. We encourage you to use this as a learning opportunity for your entire dealership and a single registration will provide access to the general sessions and dealer-to-dealer panels. But only the registered attendee will receive access to the bonus materials, including the quarterly check-in calls and dealer-only Facebook group. All attendees who would like to receive the bonus pieces should be individually registered.

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Will 'Remarketing' be the theme at next year's Dealership Minds Summit?See more

The remarketing theme is unique to the 2020 Dealership Minds Summit. The 2021 Dealership Minds Summit theme is yet to be determined and we cannot guarantee a remarketing theme will again be the primary focus of the event.

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Is there a satisfaction guarantee for the Virtual Dealership Minds Summit? See more

Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed. If you find after attending the Virtual Dealership Minds Summit that this event wasn't everything we promised, we'll send you a full 100% refund. And you can take up to 6 months to decide and measure the return on your investment from this unique learning experience.

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I already reserved my hotel room, do I need to cancel it?See more

No. The hotel will automatically be cancelling any rooms that were reserved in our discounted room block. If you wish to keep your reservation, the hotel will honor the rate you originally booked for. If you would like to keep your hotel reservation, please contact our Marketing Manager, Luke Weigel, by phone at 262-777-2424 or by email at lweigel@lessitermedia.com. If you would like to speak with the hotel directly, please call 1-800-EMBASSY.

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I already booked travel arrangements, do I need to cancel them?See more

Yes. Any travel arrangements must be cancelled by you.

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I have more questions, who should I contact?See more

Luke Weigel
Marketing Manager — Dealership Minds Summit

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Questions about the Dealership Minds Virtual Summit?

For general conference inquiries contact Farm Equipment
by phone at (866) 839-8455 or (262) 432-0388;
by fax at (262) 786-5564;
or by email at 

To learn about sponsorship opportunities contact Michael Ellis
at (262) 777-2432 or

To learn about group attendance discounts contact Luke Weigel
at (262) 777-2424 or lweigel@lessitermedia.com 

Mail to
P.O. Box 624
Brookfield, WI 53008-0624

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