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Free eGuide — Preparing for Sales Success: Hiring & Onboarding

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A solid onboarding plan for new salespeople helps thwart bad habits well before they have an opportunity to form. Farm Equipment turned to two of its Dealership of the Year Alumni, both with homegrown leadership and development programs to share their strategies for onboarding and continued training for their sales teams. We've packaged the best-of-the-best strategies from these respected experts into an insightful 3-part eGuide series. Download them now FREE!

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eGuide part 1 small"Preparing for Sales Success: Hiring & Onboarding — Part 1"

In Part 1 of this 3-part series, “Preparing for Sales Success: Hiring & Onboarding,” you’ll gain trusted advice and practical approaches from used equipment manager, Kyle Schneider of Stotz Equipment, on the best ways to on-board new salespeople. 

In this first installment, Schneider covers Stotz Equipment's approach to successfully onboarding new hires. He explains why and how starting with the basics and emphasizing effective communication are just two components necessary to cover in your dealership's onboarding training.

Most importantly, from Part 1, you’ll gain the tools necessary to place your new salespeople on path to quick and sustained success by establishing good ground rules, reinforcing positive employee traits and eliminating bad habits. 

Submit the form below and see how Stotz Equipment uses onboarding to build valuable, successful team members who reflect their company's vision and goals and how you can do the same for your dealership.

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"Preparing for Sales Success: Hiring & Onboarding — Part 2"

In Part 2 of this 3-part eGuide series from the editors of Farm Equipment on “Preparing for Sales Success: Hiring & Onboarding,” you’ll learn everything you need to know about the best ways to onboard new salespeople from the Vice President of Sales at RDO Equipment Co., Mark Kreps.

In this FREE eGuide — Preparing for Sales Success: Hiring & Onboarding – Part 2— you’ll learn why and how to slow down the onboarding process and make sure you hire the right people. Most importantly, you’ll discover Kreps’ focused approach to hiring and onboarding and how to bring the right people into your onboarding process.

Download “Preparing for Sales Success: Hiring & Onboarding – Part 2” for FREE and see how RDO Equipment Co. uses onboard training as a tool to better their dealership AND learn to do the same for yours.

Using a thorough onboarding process and an emphasis on continuously filling the team pipeline, RDO ensures they have a strong sales team that knows the company and their customers inside and out. Kreps says, “In an industry like farm equipment, if you aren’t hiring the right people to represent you — it will end up costing you a lot of money.”

In an industry where there is such a deep attachment between the customer and a salesperson, it’s getting the right people to the onboarding process that is key. Download Part 2 this FREE eGuide to gain valuable advice and knowledge about the best ways to develop future salespeople in your dealership and build a successful team.

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"Preparing for Sales Success: Hiring & Onboarding — Part 3"

Part 3 of this series offers an insightful Q&A between Kreps and Schneider. Each share the out-of-the-box hiring and on-boarding strategies that have been most successful for their dealerships. They discuss these topics and more:

  • Introducing a New Salesperson to the Customer — Read about RDO Equipment's unique approach to on-boarding a new salesperson, and why they encourage their sales people to NOT sell anything for the first 6 months.  
  • On-boarding an Existing Employee vs. a New Hire — Schneider stresses the importance of walking a fine line when taking someone from within your organization and promoting them up to a salesperson. He also shares thoughts on why it’s important to take a look at that person and at their past experiences within the organization to see if they are truly ready. 
  • Leadership Development Programs — Learn how Stotz Equipment has found success with a 2-year "Aspiring Leadership" training program taught by their CEO, which meets every 6 months with a group of about 25 employees.

Submit the form below to download part 3 of "Preparing for Sales Success" for a fascinating "fly-on-the-wall" perspective into Kreps' and Schneider's  leadership development programs, and how they encourage personal development in their employees which, in turn, helps develop their businesses as a whole. 

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