Dealership Minds Summit 2018






Theories and concepts are of little good without knowing the tools to deploy and put them into action. In this discussion, you’ll learn of new marketing tools every smart-marketing dealership needs know. Truly automating your marketing is near impossible without smart marketing tools, yet the tools alone can only take you so far. Every online lead should be treated with the same priority you would give a customer who walks in the front door of the dealership. This presentation shares first hand examples of how dealers are responding to their online leads — the good, the bad and the ugly.

The president of ETech Innovation Group, a company focused on internet lead management, McCrea got started in the ag industry through his father’s shortline ag equipment manufacturing business. With one foot in the ag industry, he continues to pioneer new software systems. He also spent 10 years working with the automotive industry to improve dealers’ lead responses.

Over the last several years, McCrea has presented and trained dealers on various aspects of internet lead management, web and digital marketing. He regularly speaks with farm equipment dealers on many emerging technologies and what matters to them. ETech’s tools have been integrated by several tractor manufacturers to assist dealers in handling leads. McCrea shares results of real-life responses to inquires that have come in to your dealership and how poor response is handing prospects to your competitors.


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