July/August 2010  issue

To The Point:
Learning Comes in All Shapes & Sizes

Industry's Best Dealerships Recognized In 6th Annual Award Program
RDO Equipment and Codington-Clark Equipment earned the industry's top honor as 2010 Dealerships of the Year.

Codington-Clark Equipment,
Watertown, S.D.

John Hopper remembers attending an implement dealers’ conference 10 or 15 years ago, and one of the talks he sat in on was called, “How to Make Your Business Bulletproof.” For 2 hours the speaker hammered home the point...

RDO Equipment Northern Agriculture, Fargo, N.D.
Spend time at Fargo, N.D.-based RDO Equipment, and you’ll hear the familiar story of a passerby who asks three hardworking laborers what they’re doing. The first mumbles that he is...


Measuring Employees to Ensure a 'Great Place to Work' 
RDO measures its performance with both its customers and employees. Read how they do it.

2010 Dealer of the Year Videos
Learn more about the business practices of this years' award winners from achieving a high absorption rate to account management restructuring. The ten-part 2010 Farm Equipment Dealership of the Year video series is sponsored by Raven Industries, recognized international for agricultural innovation, product reliability and unmatched service and support.

How Hay Equipment Affects Forage Quality
Besides the weather, how the crop is harvested is the most critical element in producing high-value hay 

How to Sell Series: Making a Case for the New Corn Heads
As growers’ demands on their harvesting equipment multiplies, so has the dealer’s task in communicating the capabilities of the new equipment

New Technology Driving Growth in Sprayer Sales
Innovations in guidance, nozzle design and boom controls are boosting the ROI and helping farmers justify the purchase of a sprayer.

Using the iPad to Move Iron
Apple’s new iPad has technology-lovers buzzing, and Degelman’s Jason Faulkner says farm equipment salespeople should take heed

Ahead of the Curve:
Draper Heads Refine Combine Capabilities

Planning for Profits:
Beyond Budgeting: How Successful Dealers Forecast

Trade Values & Trends:
Resale Values for Low-Volume, High-Cost Equipment

Industry Q&A
What can farm equipment manufacturers do to actually help dealers be more successful in sales and service? What are your best manufacturers doing to help you in this regard?