Dealership Minds Summit 2013

The PowerPoint presentations from this year's Summit are available for download for attendees. We will update this page with all of the presentations in a PDF format once the event has concluded. Any questions can be directed towards Farm Equipment's web editor, Cole Vandermause, at

Dealer-to-Dealer Panel
Succession Planning

Preparing the Next-Generation to Take Over Tim Young, GM, Young’s Equipment (2009 Dealership of the Year)
Recruiting, Retaining & Rewarding: RDO’s Home-Grown Succession Plan Keith Kreps, VP of Agriculture, RDO Equipment Co. (2010 Dealership of the Year)
Succession Planning & The ESOP Solution Clint Schnoor, COO and Director of Agri-Service Inc. (2012 Best-in-Class Dealership)
Building A Multi-Owner Board of Directors Mark Foster, Ag Division Manager, Birkey’s Farm Stores Inc. (2007 Dealership of the Year)
Going Public David Meyer, Chairman & CEO of Titan Machinery Inc. (2006 Dealership of the Year)

Data Management: The Next Frontier for Farm Equipment Dealers
Steve Cubbage, President, Record Harvest (2007 Dealership of the Year)

Dealer-to-Dealer Panel
Up for Debate: Myths & Misconceptions About Farm Equipment Dealer Management
Is Absorption Rate All It’s Cracked Up to Be? Eric Johnson, Partner, Johnson Tractor Inc. (2012 Dealership of the Year)
Market Share vs. Profitability Mike Hedge, CFO, Treasurer and Shareholder, Birkey’s Farm Stores Inc. (2007 Dealership of the Year)
Bigger Ain’t Always Better Gordon Thompson, General Manager, Moker & Thompson (2012 Best-in-Class Dealership)
Shortlines vs. Brand-Pure Dealers Todd Kunau, President & CEO, Kunau Implement (2008 Best in Class Dealer)

Luncheon Keynote: The ‘Why’s’ Behind the Changing Structure of Farm Equipment Dealerships: Lessons for Progressive Dealership Leaders
George Russell, Executive Partner, Currie Management Consultants

Dealer-to-Dealer Panel
The Numbers Side of Marketing: The Fastest Learner Wins
Creating a Marketing Vision Tim Young, Young’s Equipment (2009 Dealership of the Year)
Execution of a Marketing Vision Boyd Hofman, Partner, Vice President & General Sales Manager, Jaydee AgTech (2011 Dealership of the Year)
Applying ‘Outside’ Marketing Theories to Iron Peddling Laird Munro, Director, Marketing and Communications, Rocky Mountain Equipment (2008 Dealership of the Year)
What Really Happens in the Marketing Foxhole Quint Campbell, Marketing Manager, Birkey’s Farm Stores Inc. (2007 Dealership of the Year)