Dealership Minds Series

Dealership Minds Series

Founded: Elder Implement in 1949, became a John Deere dealer in 1980; Farmers Implement in 1936

Current Partners: Tom Poeltler, Chuck Poeltler, Ron Farrier, Carl Wulf, Chad Reed

Locations: 8 in Iowa, sites include Muscatine, Mediapolis, Durant, Houghton, Winfield, Washington, Fairfield and Ottumwa

Lines Carries: John Deere, Brent, Unverferth, J&M, Westfield, Stihl, Land Pride, Hardi, Frontier, Honda, John Deere Sprayers

2011 Annual Sales: $100 million (estimated)

Employees: 156

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A day-in-the-life exploration of the newly merged Precision Equipment
+ What Keeps the Precision Equipment Team Up at Night?
+ Bonus Flickr Gallery
+ Web Exclusive Videos

What Keeps the Precision Equipment Team Up at Night?

CEO: Randy Amosson
Deliberate Moves to Grow a Dealer Group
+ Tracking Competitive Sales: The 'Chasing the Rainbow' Program
+ Web Exclusive Videos

Parts Analyst: Curt Moeller
'By the Numbers' Parts Inventory Planning
+ In the Customer's Mind, Bigger Should be Better
+ A Passion for Toys Brings Sales
+ Web Exclusive Videos

CFO: Dave Dahms
Planning: A Competitive Advantage
+ Advice for the Merger Marriage
+ Good Days, Bad Days
+ CFO Role More Critical in Today's Dealerships
+ Web Exclusive Videos

VP Marketing: Matt Poeltler
Customer Trust: What It's All About
+ Web Exclusive Videos

Chairman: Ron Farrier
Working Together to Form a Dream Team
+ Rationalizing Shortlines
+ Web Exclusive Videos

Location Manager: Kevin Bland
The Measure of a Successful Store
+ Web Exclusive Videos

Human Resources: Angela Huthmacher
HR: The Employee's Advocate During Growth-Mode
+ Web Exclusive Videos

Service Manager: Alan Byerly
Communication & Respect Key to Effective Service Department
+ Web Exclusive Videos

Location Manager: Chad Reed
Mentoring with Passion: Helping Others 'Live the Dream'
+ Equipment Dealerships Are Complex Business Models
+ Precision Equipment's 'Secret Ingredient:' People with Passion
+ Web Exclusive Videos

VP Operations: Pat McCrabb
Putting 'Problem Solvers' in Place
+ Used Equipment Strategy: Salesman is the 'Buyer's
+ Rationalizing Shortlines
+ Web Exclusive Videos

Location Manager: Jeremy Marston
Location Manager Role Requires Firefighting Skills
+ Contributing as an AMS Specialist
+ Web Exclusive Videos

Project Coordinator: Michelle Becker
Supporting the Team with Energy and Enthusiasm
+ Tackling the 'Dealership Minds' Projects
+ Web Exclusive Videos

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