Farm Equipment Social Media Recap (Part 2)

Seven Farm Equipment Magazine staff reporters attended the Farm Progress Show of 2011 in Decatur, Illinois, August 30th - 31st. They tweeted and "facebooked" along the way. Here are some of the most interesting/insightful messages they shared.

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  Crustbuster/SpeedKing unveils Honeycomb belt, allows bigtime grain capacity increase due to steeper conveying #FPS11 Humdinger Equipment shows 455 CDH, 45-foot-wide, runs 7-12 mph to pulverize stalks, may work with min-till #FPS11  

  #FPS11 1st public showing of Precision Planting eVac vacuum seed metering sys. Based on eSet success w/ own chamber  

  Baling/selling a portion of residue better solution than vertical tillage, says Hiniker. Research shows most nutrients will remain. #FPS11 First time #FPS11 exhibitor Elmer's 1600 grain cart has the largest tracks on mkt.  

  Show-stopper at Salford: a PLOW. Sales doubled from last yr, for seed corn & corn-corn growers  

  Greg Pollock, r, says Earthmaster Verti-Go VT tool seeing great sales progress in 18 mos since launch, 3 models now  

  Glenn Danuser demos Danuser's new Wobble Auger #FPS11  

  Marion Calmer, Calmer Corn Heads, says narrow-row corn offers drought-protection, plant can access any moisture #FPS11  

  Maschio-Gaspardo introduces Maximetro pneumatic precision planter at #FPS11 Joey Sims of LS Tractor says sales are up 25% over 2010 but still looking for quality dealers #FPS11

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