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TURNING AROUND A DEALERSHIP IN TROUBLE — The loss of an entire territory was at stake when it was discovered that Iowa’s Dike Implement defrauded its farm customers, banks and major supplier of millions of dollars. In this rare look inside a mess that reverberated throughout the industry, Farm Equipment details how a new dealership group regained the trust of the market, turned the situation around and established itself as top player in one of the key agricultural regions in the U.S.

‘MOVING’ EARTHMOVING IMPLEMENTS — Scrapers and graders may look like construction tools, but they’ve long played a key role for farmers, too. This article explains the opportunities that scrapers and graders hold for farm equipment dealers and how they’re getting these implements into the hands of farmers to perform a variety of tasks. Includes New Product Review.

DEALERSHIP MODERNIZATION & EXPANSION — It’s no secret that the shop is “where the dollars are” for farm equipment dealerships, and the 2011 Dealer Business Outlook data shows they’re investing to create a more productive and attractive work environment for their technicians. In Farm Equipment’s annual “Modernization & Expansion” coverage, our editors reveal “best practices” in modernizing their shop/service departments and how that investment is paying off through a highly efficient, and profitable, service business.

SPECIAL REPORT: MANAGEMENT BY COACHING — People management in the farm equipment business is every bit as vital as any other industry. What should dealership managers do when coaching isn’t enough? Chronic underperformers are even the best manager’s biggest challenge. Interviews with experts detail the principles that must serve as the foundation of every effective coaching philosophy.

HOW-TO-SELL SERIES: COMBINE LEVELING SYSTEMS — First developed for use in the steep-grade hills of the Pacific Northwest, combine leveling systems are now being used to harvest wheat, corn and soybeans throughout North America. This installment of the ever-popular “How to Sell Series” examines combine leveling systems and how dealers (even in what are considered the flat-land states) are showing growers how to maintain harvest speeds — with no grain loss — in side hills, too.

TARGETED PRODUCT REVIEWS — This issue examines the latest innovations in: Attachments * Light Industrial Equipment * Trailers * Mowing & Shredding Equipment * Shop & Service Equipment * Replacement Parts * Tires & Tracks

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Advertising space reservations are due Wednesday, March 9.