(April 30, 2010) — Brandt introduces its GrainVac 7500 HP, a high-capacity machine capable of up to 8,000 bu/hr in wheat and corn with a straight hose.Brandt GrainVac 7500 HP

This is due to the revolutionary design of the body, which couples the fan close to the inlet, minimizing restriction of the airflow while the large, 13-inch supercharged HP auger quickly discharges the grain. 

Brandt’s patented “cone separator” uses no moving parts or chaffers in the body and directs the grain into the auger, and air efficiently into the fan. The Air Equalizer elbow is an exclusive technology to Brandt that balances the flow of air over the cone separator and into the fan providing maximum efficiency and capacity.

The low horsepower requirement of the 7500 HP provides maximum capacity with only 120 horsepower needed, allowing its use with mid-sized tractors commonly found on farms. Competitor’s larger models require 50% more horsepower than the efficient design of the 7500HP. Brandt’s air throttle eliminates power surges, reducing driveline stress and lowering fuel costs.

Additionally, the double-blade fan design, mounted on a tapered shaft, and bearings for positive placement, offers best-in-class fan life and has a much lower replacement cost than positive displacement pumps found in other models. 

The new direct-drive auger system removes sprockets, idlers, and chains, to further reduce operation costs.

For more information, send an e-mail to Jason Bouchard at jbouchard@brandt.ca.