The Monarch Tractor MK-V is a fully electric, driver optional, smart tractor that enhances a farmer’s existing operations, alleviates labor shortages and maximizes yields. Its cutting-edge technology empowers farmers to enable profitable implementation of regenerative, sustainable and organic practices. Compatible with a farmer’s existing ecosystem of farm equipment, Monarch Tractor provides a robust platform that works with existing implements and is ready for the next generation of smart implements. It has a battery runtime of 10 plus hours, and for those days that require operations to extend into the night, the Tractor’s simple-to-use battery swap system makes 24-hour operation a reality.

At 40-70 horsepower in a compact size, the Monarch Tractor can get the most demanding jobs done. The MK-V is equipped with an onboard smart screen that is easy to understand with graphics and controls with translations, diagnostics for quick and easy repairs, an interactive live map and a 360-degree camera view for maximum visibility. The Tractor leverages hyperlocalization and computer vision technologies onboard with its AI technology, optimizing every operation to help make every input count.

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