Modern agriculture requires farmers to work more efficiently than ever to stay ahead of the competition, so equipment manufacturers must innovate constantly in order to meet these needs. This year, Brandt demonstrated that maximizing efficiency doesn’t have to be a complicated thing with the innovative discharge auger design on their all-new XT GrainCart.

The company has designed the XT-series to save valuable time during the harvest. Specifically, its unmatched discharge auger reach — extending a full eight feet ahead of the cart hitch — maintains clear visibility from the cab at all times. With this simple improvement, operators can quickly and effectively position the cart alongside the trailer to speed up the unloading process. This gets the job done quickly and keeps combine wait-time to a minimum, giving farmers a clear step towards the efficiency they count on.

These made-in-the-U.S.A. models are manufactured at Brandt’s facility in Bloomington, Ill. Brandt acquired and refitted the plant in 2017 and continues to expand their manufacturing capacity to help farmers across the country make the most of their harvests.

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