In this webinar, Larry Cole, Ph.D., with the Dealer Institute, will show you how to use people analytics to improve performance, e.g., engagement, dealership commitment and teamwork. Below are important facts about how people impact your business.

  • People drive the success of your dealership.
  • Your people represent the most undeveloped resource in the dealership while at the same time representing the most important potential resource to be developed in the dealership. 
  • 65% of the employees are disengaged from organizations.
  • People problems are stealing profits from your financial bottom line.
  • You can use people analytics to engage employees, develop people potential and improve operating efficiency leading to higher net profit. 

In this webinar, Larry will discuss the following:

  1. How to use the corporate accountability system with People Analytics. You’ll see that it is similar or the same process to monitor your technical metrics to improve performance. If your corporate accountability is not in place, then you’ll learn about that.
  2. Which People Analytics you should be monitoring.
  3. It is easier to implement an accountability process to improve people’s performance than you might think.

If you want to improve your people’s performance, you need to be engaged with this webinar!

Date: Thursday, March 19
Time: 2 pm CDT
Speaker: Dr. Larry Cole, Dealer Institute Management Consultant

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About the Presenter

Dr. Larry Cole

After completing a Ph.D. in Psychology from the University of Oklahoma, Larry served on the faculty of Arkansas Tech University as a CEO of a Comprehensive Mental Health Center, and founded his consulting company, TeamMax®, in 1989. Since then, he has specialized in improving leadership effectiveness and teamwork while fostering the fact that frustration is your best friend.

He created the TeamMax® Ad-vantage methodologies to measure behavior change in real time. Larry has authored 10 books and hundreds of articles appearing in professional and trade magazines. He has worked with a variety of industries including the agri-business market during the last 10 years.