Horsch's Omnis FT Tillage Tool is ideal for breaking up compaction and providing consistent soil tilth in conditions where residue has already been properly sized and distributed by the combine. The thorough horizontal fracture is accomplished by four ranks of shanks spaced on 15-inch centers with 1,800 pounds of trip force. Each shank is equipped with the Horsch MulchMix shins that aggressively turn and mix soil/residue and create a uniform soil structure. The thorough mixing of soil/residue also accelerates the decomposition process. A variety of tips are available along with bolt-on sweeps.

The Omnis FT has the capability to work at variable depths. It can go down to 10 or 11 inches for breaking up compacted zones; or it can run shallower, depending on the desired tillage. A wide range of options are available depending on field conditions. Cutting coulters are available if working in longer, less-prepared residue conditions.

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