Salford's 5200 Enforcer Tillage Machine is engineered to level and uniformly mix soil and residue between 3 and 5 inches. The Enforcer's long frame and four rows of blades allow its workload to be spread across the machine. With no gangs to block residue flow, and exceptional blade clearance, the 5200 can dig deeper to handle more residue and moisture than tandem and compact discs. The extra rows of blades also allow the Enforcer to mix soil and residue more thoroughly in one pass than other tools, where discs tend to invert the surface residue and leave it in the seedbed.

The 5200's proprietary rubber suspension coulters hold the concave blade on two angles. The first three rows of blades are open faced and tipped under, creating maximum surface disturbance and suction that holds the machine at operating depth in all ground conditions. The fourth row of blades is set back on the frame, at a less aggressive angle, to begin leveling the field ahead of the heavy-duty tine harrow and rolling basket. The coulter suspension also allows each blade to move up to 5 inches, for industry leading obstacle protection.

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