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Dueling Combines

John Deere 893 Stock Corn Head vs. John Deere 893 upgraded with Calmer Trash Reduction Kit. View it!

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Featured Product: King Kutter Stainless Steel Stainless_Steel_Kutter2.pngRotary Kutter

The King Kutter Stainless Steel Rotary Kutter is a professional deck rotary cutter. The stainless steel cutter is an industry first and features a Cat. I quick-hitchable flex-hitch design, allowing the unit to roll 15 degrees -- perfectly following the contours of any field.

The cutter floats over uneven terrain and through ditches, and the sloped-deck shed water and prevents debris from cluttering. King Kutter is the only company currently selling a stainless steel rotary cutter.


Posted January 27, 2009

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