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Common Traits of the Most Successful Farm Equipment Dealers

Source: Jerkins Creative Consulting,

Over the years, a lot of stores' success stories have resulted from the owner's energy. The owner must also learn to transfer that energy to others in the store. The traditional owner's prerogative must give way to more sophisticated business practices.

- Practice open-book management.

- Know that "instant" decisions are good for both the customer and the dealership.

- Apply a consistent discipline to all systems and procedures.

- Understand departmentalization is an accounting method, not a management method.

- Have managers that are coaches, not directors.

- Encourage risk taking.

- Assign current managers to the task of teaching the next generation how to be managers.

- Utilize at least the same technology that customers use.

- Don't just throw people at problems in the dealership.

- Don't allow staff to blame the manufacturer when handling customer concerns.

- What works well for some, doesn't fit others. Pilot testing is critical before instituting permanent change.

Posted March 8, 2010

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