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Kinze Autonomous Harvest System

On September 19, 2012, Kinze Mfg. debuted their autonomous tractor and grain cart technology at Elliott Bros. farm in Monmouth, Ill. The company presented a demo, walked through how the system works and talked about the built-in safety features. Kinze plans to continue release previews of the autonomous system in 2013.

See the videos below for more information.


Control Tablet for the Harvest System

Safety Features of Kinze's
Autonomous Harvest System

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Posted September 19, 2012
Re: Why?
Posted from: James, 9/21/12 at 8:51 AM CDT
I'm not saying they shouldn't play around in the autonomous world. I'm asking why. They manufacture planters and grain carts - not gps displays and receivers. I just find it interesting is all.
Posted from: ted, 9/21/12 at 5:41 AM CDT
Why should Kinze not be allowed to play around in the autonomous world?
Posted from: James, 9/20/12 at 8:25 AM CDT
1st remark
30 seconds of a tractor driving itself.
1.5 minutes of a guy driving it around.
lets see this thing in action!!
2nd remark
why is Kinzie playing around in the autonomous world?

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