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Executive Editor, Dave Kanicki

Newsletter Archive

E-Watch is a bi-weekly electronic newsletter produced by the editors of Farm Equipment magazine. The newsletter is put together exclusively for farm equipment dealers with news, analysis, videos and more.

Issue Date
Half of Dealers Say 2014 Revenues Will Come In Lower Than Expected 11-11-2014
Kubota, Independent Dealers Most Optimistic for 2015 10-28-2014
Deere's Sales & Inventory Better Than Rest of Industry in September 10-14-2014
Do You Want Good News or Bad News? 09-30-2014
Is AGCO Gaining Market Share? 09-16-2014
A New Era in Farming is Underway 09-02-2014
CNH Dealer Incentives More Generous Than 6 Months Ago 08-19-2014
Could Double Cropping Help Meet Demand for Ag Commodities? 08-05-2014
Rising Farm & Machinery Revenue Underpins Kubota's FY2014 Earnings 07-22-2014
C&CE Sales Outpace GPS Products in June 07-08-2014
Will Deere Double Its Revenues by 2018? 06-24-2014
Section 179 Equipment Expensing Back on the Congressional Agenda 06-10-2014
With Slow 'Big' Equipment Sales, Deere Lowers Outlook 05-27-2014
No-Till Farmers Report Profit, But Will Slow Equipment Purchases 05-13-2014
Manufacturers More Aggressive with Incentives in March 04-29-2014
Suburban Sprawl Reaches Farther Into Rural Communities 04-15-2014
Rising Interest Rates Impacts Farmer Wealth As Well As Increasing Costs 04-01-2014
As Used Equipment Inventory Grows, Prices Sink 03-18-2014
Case IH Dealers Brace for Purity Push 03-04-2014
Growing Demand, Rising Costs Will Boost Crop Prices Long Term 02-18-2014
Take Charge of Upping Your Knowledge Quotient 02-04-2014
Ag Equipment 'Normalizing,' Not in a Downturn 01-21-2014
Dealers Continue to Report 'High' New Equipment Inventories 01-07-2014
Are U.S. Farmers More or Less Loyal to Equipment Brands Today? 12-24-2013
Fiat Powertrain Finding Surprising Customers for New Engines 12-10-2013
Dealers Report Solid Sales But Optimism Sinking 11-26-2013
While Sales Stay Strong, Dealers Less Sure About 2014 11-10-2013
OEMs Getting More Aggressive with Incentives 10-29-2013
Are You Ready For Life After Corn Ethanol? 10-15-2013
Will CNH Learn From IH's Mistakes? 10-01-2013
Rising New Equipment Inventories Seen as Risky 09-17-2013
Dealers Expect Price Hikes of 1-6% in 2014 09-03-2013
Retreat … And Prepare for Success 08-20-2013
Let the Buyer Beware 08-06-2013
Introducing Farm Equipment's New Editorial Advisory Board 07-23-2013
What's Your 'Real' Business 07-09-2013
Dealer Used Combine Inventory Numbers Rated Too High 06-25-2013
Not Enough 'Farm' in the Farm Bill 06-11-2013
2014 Could Be a Challenging Year for Ag Equipment 05-28-2013
You Win Some and You Lose Some 05-14-2013
Comparing Notes with the Farm Equipment Industry in Germany 04-30-2013
Take Your Pick: High Commodity Prices or Tax Breaks? 04-16-2013
The Myths & Realities of Market Share 04-02-2013
Long-Term Trends in Ag Driven By Solid Fundamentals 03-19-2013
Passion at Work 03-05-2013
Notes from the National Farm Machinery Show 02-19-2013
New Year's Resolutions 12-26-2012
'Good Old Days' Special Report Coming in January 12-11-2012
Deere Finishes Strong Year, But 2013 Looks 'Flat' 11-27-2012
US to Become Net Exporter of Oil? 11-13-2012
New Dealer Outlook & Trends Report 10-16-2012
Price is Only One Thing Customers Shop For 09-18-2012
Mixed Sentiments at Farm Progress Show 09-04-2012
Everybody Talks About the Weather 08-21-2012
Dealership Outlook Taking a Cautious Turn 08-07-2012
The Effects of the Summer Drought 07-24-2012
Dealer Optimism Index Falls Slightly 07-10-2012
Monsanto Acquiring Precision Planting 06-26-2012
AGCO's Grand Opening of Expanded Manufacturing Plant 06-12-2012
Are Burger Makers Taking Their Lead From The Farm Equipment Makers? 05-29-2012
Monthly Numbers Don't Tell the Whole Story 05-15-2012
Earning the Respect of Your Employees 04-17-2012
Strong Commodity Prices Support New Machinery Sales 04-03-2012
Dealer Optimism High Entering Second Quarter of 2012 03-20-2012
Deere's Announcement to Use "Integrated Emissions Control" System 03-06-2012
Back from the National Farm Machinery Show 02-21-2012
Everything In Ag Is Getting Bigger 01-24-2012
North American Ag Industry Creating Real Wealth in Our Economy 01-10-2012
Shortage of New Equipment May Hold Back Growth in 2012 12-27-2011
Rural Officials' Letter to John Deere 12-13-2011
Ag Equipment Entrepreneurs 11-29-2011
A Good Time To Be In Ag 11-15-2011
What Reshoring Means For US Manufacturing 11-1-2011
Now They're Calling it a "Myth" 10-18-2011
Another Good Year If ... 9-20-2011
Making a Case for Ethanol 9-6-2011
Impact of Agricultural Losses 8-23-2011
Ag Equipment Intelligence Survey Results 8-9-2011
RE: DOT Regulation 7-26-2011
DOT Regulation of Farm Vehicles 7-12-2011
Growing Concerns About Used Equipment Buildup 6-28-2011
Worth of a Picture 6-14-2011
Lack of Products Means Sales Lost 5-31-2011
Qualities of This Year's Top Dealerships 5-17-2011
No-Till Farmers and Precision Ag Equipment 5-3-2011
AGCO's Business Move 4/19/2011
2011 Dealership of the Year Nominees 4/5/2011
The Foxhole Test 2/23/2011
USDA and "Beginning Farmers" 2/8/2011
Economic Insights For 2011 1/26/2011
Insights From Ag Connect Expo 2011 1/11/2011
Continuing Education and Invitation to National No-Tillage Conference 12/29/2010
Tier 4 Interim Engines and Used Equipment in 2011 12/14/2010
Calling For 2011 Dealership of the Year Nominations 11/30/2010
Bader Brothers Inc. Sale 11/16/2010
OSU Research Affirms Importance of Dealers 11/2/2010
Customers Look To Dealers For Decision-Making 10/5/2010
Outlook For 2011 9/24/2010
New Holland/Miller St.-Nazianz Enters Sprayer Market 9/9/2010
EPA and Farm Dust
(The Lost Episode)
Massey Ferguson, Box Stores 7/14/2010
John Deere's Foundry 6/30/2010
Short-line Only Dealers 6/8/2010
Short-line v. Full-line Dealers 5/18/2010
Early Planting 5/5/2010
April 20, 2010 4/20/2010
Change Happens 4/8/2010
Industry Consolidation 3/23/2010
Market Share 3/9/2010

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