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On The Record: Dealers Becoming More
Cautious Heading into 2nd Half of 2014

In today’s newscast we look at the results of UBS Investment Research’s 34th Dealer Survey, an update on Western Canada’s crop and sales outlook for 2014, how the rail car shortage is impacting farmers in the Upper Midwest and Titan International and Valmont Industries second quarter results.

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On The Record is brought to you by GBGI Inc.

GBGI Inc. has been developing hubs and spindles for the agricultural industry since 1997. Their product range includes IDA-X, the hub assembly with a robust design and ductile iron construction that substantially increases the load capacity and impact resistance compared to conventional fabricated welded assemblies.

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On The Record: Dealers Becoming More Cautious Heading into 2nd Half of 2014

Watch Video >>

On The Record: Record
Harvest Could be Bad
News for Machinery Sales

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On The Record: What
Do Severe Storms in
Iowa Mean For Crop Yields
and Ag Equipment Sales?

Watch Video >>

On The Record:
Worldwide Ag Equipment
Sales Forecast to Drop 4%

Watch Video >>

On The Record: SWA
and CWEDA Move Forward
With Dealer Association Merger

Watch Video >>

On The Record: Biggest
Dealers are Getting Bigger

Watch Video >>

On The Record:
When Might We Feel
the Impacts of El Nino?

Watch Video >>

On The Record:
Spring Planting
Ahead of 2013
Despite Slow Start

Watch Video >>

On The Record:
Canadian Deere Dealers
Feel the Push for Purity

Watch Video >>

On The Record:
Impact of High Milk
Prices on Equipment Sales

Watch Video >>

On The Record:
Turmoil in Ukraine
Pressures Grain Market

Watch Video >>

On The Record: Case IH
Makes Push for Dealer Purity

Watch Video >>

On The Record:
What the New Farm Bill Means

Watch Video >>

On The Record:
Water Crisis in California

Watch Video >>

On The Record: A
Softening in the Ag Market?

Watch Video >>

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