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Planter Product Spotlight

Check out the latest offerings from Planter manufacturers interested in meeting your seeding needs.

Monosem Planters

Monosem Inc. produced the original precision vacuum planter in North America and the first Twin-Row planter. Monosem Inc.'s recent engineering work is Monoshox. This unique linkage incorporates a racing shock with internal fluid dampening. The high-end shock provides unparalleled bounce control, while its external spring adjusts for measured down pressure. The system working together results in greatly improved ground contact for consistent seed depth in a wide range of planting conditions.

Another innovation specifically for Twin-Row is Monosem's Sync-Row System. To get the full potential of twin-Row, the seed drop between Twin pairs can now be synchronized to plant in a staggered pattern that can provide optimal spacing and best use of growing room.

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Case IH
Case IH Twin-Row Planters

Advanced twin-row seeding technology is now available from Case IH for 2013. Accurate, dependable Case IH Twin-Row planters provide a best-in-class solution to increase plant populations without changing cropping practices. The concept involves staggering seed in two rows, eight inches apart on 30-, 36-, 38-, or 40-inch centers. A corn head set for any of those settings can harvest twin rows at the same time. Twin-row technology can be used for planting corn, soybeans, cotton, milo and sunflowers. Twin-row production is often credited for increased standability of crops, and this system utilizes a higher percentage of an acre compared to standard row widths.

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