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Forecast & Trends



Farm Equipment Attracting Investment, Especially for International Expansion 01-24-12
U.S. Farm Assets & Equity Forecast to Rise as Debt Declines 01-10-12
Equipment Sales Growth Moderates to 6% in November 12-27-11
Exploring 'The Ethanol Shuffle' 12-13-11
Deere Raises Its Net Farm Income, Commodity Price Outlook for '12 11-29-11
YOY Equipment Sales Growth Slips 1% in September 11-15-11



Deere Updates Outlook for 2011 Farm Cash Receipts, Crop Prices
Ag Equipment Makers Post Strong 3Q Earnings
Global Outlook: Claas Sees Ag Machinery Sales Recovering
Historical Corn Prices Provide Look at Future Equipment Sales
Ethanol Production Hits All-Time High, But Speculation Keeps Corn Price High
Lower Inputs, Crop Economics Point to Solid Second Half for Equipment Sales
Farm Equipment Sales Grow for Third Straight Month in June
AGCO: Demand in NA to be ‘Stable’ for Rest of 2010
Growing Protectionism Seen as a Major Hurdle for Equipment Makers
Tractor, Combine Inventories Fall 20%
Ag Equipment Innovation ‘At a Tipping Point’
Tiremaker Sees Sales of Small and Midsize Equipment Improving in ’12
Rising Steel Costs Will Increase Equipment Prices
Analyst Raises Outlook for Equipment Makers
Dealers See Commodity Prices as Biggest Risk to Equipment Sales
Majors Send Mixed Message on 2010 Sales Outlook
Tire Manufacturers Look at 2010 Ag Markets
Study Confirms a High Percentage of Farmers are Using the Internet
Soft Ag Equipment Sales Seen for Early 2010
Ag Equipment Veteran Suggests a New Sales Forecasting Tool
Survey Suggests Improving Farm Economy in Plains
Crop Receipts to Stabilize in ’10 But Livestock to Fall Further
Equipment Pricing Concerns Dealers, But Most Expect Solid Year in 2010
Ag Tire Supplies Will be Tight in '09
Analyst Sees Equipment Sales Rising to 2010
Can Ag Equipment Firms Harvest Bountiful Returns?
Equipment Sales Could Hold Up Better Than Some Expect
Equipment Trends: March Sales Will Set Tone for Rest of 09
Forage Harvest Productivity Requires Systems Approach
How Ag is Holding Things Together at Deere
Is Iraq the Next Big Market for Ag Equipment?
March Sales: Tractors Slowing, Combines Strong
Potash Corp. Expects Big Second Half for Fertilizers
Stimulus Package Will Benefit Ag Industry
Turbulent Times Ahead, Ethanol May be the Culprit
 Why the Time is Right For Precision Ag
Will Ethanol Survive the Financial Crisis?

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