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Updates from Day One
Of Farm Progress 2012

Boone, Iowa
August 28, 2012
Details about the show

Social Media Updates:

Nine Farm Equipment Magazine staff reporters attended the Farm Progress Show of 2012 in Boone, Iowa, August 28th. They tweeted and "facebooked" along the way. You can continue to follow our real-time updates throughout the show at and hashtag #FPS12, and on our facebook page ( Here are some of the most interesting/insightful things they saw at the show:

  • Trimble launches Connected Farm app for smartphones, in conjunction with Vehicle Management tool

  • Trimble's new portable WM-Topo Survey System for water management.
  • Jeff Doran Planalytics expects trend toward norm to below norm temps and norm to above norm moisture for Corn Belt.

  • Capello's folding, chopping corn head. Unique at show says Jerod Johnson. Dealer territories open #fps12
  • New Camoplast 6500 heavy duty track carries twice load capacity, features Duradive internal design #fps12

  • Exactrix building new high-speed, low disturbance fertilizer coulter from DMR
  • Alliance Tire offers only steel belted radial in ag and offers tires from row crop & sprayers to skid steers

  • #Kinze new sugar beet planter available 24/36 row, 22" or 20" can rotate with corn and beans #fps12

  • Greg Pollock, Alamo-Rhino, explains new strategic partnership w/ ALO-Quicke Loaders
  • Sunflower adds 35 & 40-ft split wing models of 6631 vertical tillage tool, expanding off 32-ft model.

  • Great Plains unveils 20-ft Yield Pro 825R that rotates on pivot point for narrow transport #fps12
  • Luke Thornton explains new high-speed Maestro corn planter unveiled by Horsch-Anderson at #FPS12

  • Schaben's LA5000 liquid applicator w/ 750 or 1000-gal tank, 20-in coulters, adjustable down pressure.
Posted August 28, 2012

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