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Top 10 Videos from in October 2012

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Here's a roundup of the top 10 videos that have garnered the most interest on our website and YouTube channel from the last month. Subscribe today!

1. New Kubota M135GX (Farm Progress 2012)

2. Overview of the Kinze Autonomous Harvest System

3. Versatile Displays First Combine To Enter Market in a Decade (Farm Progress 2012)

4. Unveiling of New Case IH Combine Features (Farm Progress Show 2012)

5. Calmer Introduces World's First 12 Inch Row Corn Head (Farm Progress 2012)

6. New 4-WD Tractors From Versatile Ag (National Farm Machinery Show 2012)

7. Landoll's VT Plus 49' Vertical Tillage System (Farm Progress 2011)

8. Reaper Strip-Till Rig (National Farm Machinery Show 2012)

9. Amazone Cenius Field Tine Cultivator Walkthrough (Farm Progress 2012)

10. Editor's Video Blog: New Dealer Outlook & Trends Report

Posted November 1, 2012

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